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Transcript Requests

To order a transcript from:
Alan B. Shepard High School
Here are links to YouTube videos giving instructions of what to do after clicking "Order My Transcript" above:
How to sign up for a Parchment account if you don't have one already:
How to order your transcript:
How to track your transcript order: 
Graduating Seniors now have the opportunity to request their final transcripts easily through the electronic portal Parchment!  Here are some details and FAQ’s:
  • What is a final transcript?  It includes all high school grades up through 2nd semester senior year as well as the student’s graduation date
  • Why do seniors need to request it?  Shepard High School cannot send a transcript without a student formally requesting one.
  • Where are transcripts sent?  Colleges will request to see a final transcript to verify that a student graduated from high school.  This impacts financial aid and scholarships.  Many times the military, trade schools and employers will request a final transcript as well.
  • Is there a cost?  Not until August 1st.  After that there will be a small charge ($3-$5)
  • Is there a limit to how many transcripts can be requested?  No, however, students usually send their final transcript once they’ve decided on the one place they will continue their education.  Sometimes they change their minds or circumstances change and that is ok.
  • How do students do this?  Access their District 218 email accounts for the invitation email from Parchment.  Just click on the link and follow directions. 
  • My student can’t get onto his/her District 218 email, is there another way?  Yes.  Click on the "Order My Transcript" link above..
  • Were students shown how to do this in school?  Yes, if they were present in their senior English class when the counselors came in during April. 
  • Will students still have access to their District 218 email account after graduation?   No.  Therefore, when they log in to Parchment they should change the email to their own email and password.
  • What else do they need to know? 
Students must select “Hold for Grades” when requesting transcripts (if requesting before July 1st)
Students must complete the process with an electronic signature
After Graduation, students may direct questions to the Main Office since the Counseling Office will have limited hours
  • What if my student is still having trouble logging in?’  Students can get help from their counselors through May 21st . 
Best wishes to the Class of 2020 from Shepard Counseling!  
Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.