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Google Classroom Codes

Join your class's google classroom for valuable information all year long!


Freshmen       Class of 2027 m2mqjia
Sophomores   Class of 2026 qvhrjev
Juniors            Class of 2025 rzmkp24
Seniors           Class of 2024 f4hyllu




Please make sure that you are checking your email regularly for any correspondence from counselors and teachers!

Meet Your Shepard Counselors! 
Contact information is located in the tab on the right titled "Contact Your Counselor"
Click on the links below to watch some brief videos about our department and our counselors
Counselor for students with last names Kr - Mid
Mr. Benes   Counselor for students with IEPs (non-ELL)
Mrs. Turner  Counselor for students with last names A - Cr
Mr. Shama  Counselor for ELL (English Learners) students and students with last names Cs - Fi
Ms. Reiplinger  Counselor for students with last names Fl - Kp
Mrs. O'Brien Counselor for students with last names Ron - Z
Mrs. Garcia Counselor for student with last names Mie - Rom

These reps are available to students with questions throughout the school year.

In-person visits to ABS are as follows:

 "College Corner" at ABS:
Wednesdays (unless otherwise noted) in the Astro Cafe
MVCC Rep during periods 3 - 6
ISAC rep from 11am - 12:30pm

January 31
Tuesday, February 13
MVCC only
February 14 ISAC only
February 28
March 13
April 10
April 24
May 8
Moraine Valley Community College 
Andriana Esparza 
MVCC Admissions Recruiter and D218 Representative
See Shepard visit dates in the Sr. Google Classroom
Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC)
Araceli Manzo
Community Outreach Worker
Moraine Valley Community College District
(708) 240-1602