Alan B. Shepard High School

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College Rep Visits

Representatives from approximately 50-75 colleges and universities visit Shepard High School annually. Juniors and seniors are invited to meet with these admission reps in the Astro Cafeteria. Students are not limited to the number of rep visits they can attend, but please note that each student should be intentionally seeking information regarding the school they sign up to meet with. It is the counselor’s discretion to limit time spent during a visit or the amount of rep visits if we deem the student is abusing the process.


A complete list of rep visits will be regularly updated on our Shepard Counseling website under the “College Rep Visit” tab. Students should get in the habit of checking the website and then arranging to secure a pass to visit with these reps during the scheduled period.  

Procedures to sign-up to see a college representative: 

1.) Find the list of upcoming college visits on the Shepard Counseling page under the “College Rep Visit” tab. 

2.) Sign-up for the specific college in the Counseling office. 

3.) Receive a pass from the Counseling secretary and write in your name, date of the visit, period of the visit, teacher approval, and teacher signature.  

4.) Have the pass signed by your classroom teacher at least 2 days PRIOR to the visit.

5.) Bring the signed pass to the Astro Café at the start of the period on the day of the college visit and a counselor will update your attendance. (If you do not have a pass approved by the teacher, then you will be sent immediately back to class.)

6.) If you have lunch during the period of the visit, then do not go to lunch first. Instead, report directly to the Astro Café at the start of the period. You will be released with a pass with enough time to get your lunch.


Upcoming Rep Visits:


**Rep visits are added often so get in the habit of checking the counseling website for more upcoming visits!