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SAT Information and Resources for Juniors
Monday, April 1 - SAT Pre-coding of the Answer Folder
SAT School Day Testing - Diploma Requirement for all Grade 11 students
Tuesday, April 9, 2019 - How to Prepare!
1. Be on time – report to your assigned testing room at 8:00a.m. Room assignments will be posted throughout the building on Wed, April 3rd
Plan to arrive early and attend the “Brain Bootcamp” (7a.m.) - ask your PE teacher for more details
Breakfast will be served in the cafeteria as usual
2. Wear comfortable clothing (school dress code applies) – also, dress in layers so you can adjust to any temperature
3. Bring your school ID – if it is lost, you must get one from the ID room during lunch before test day
4. Bring an approved calculator – see page 26-27 of the booklet you received; you may bring an extra calculator and batteries as a back up
5. Bring at least 2 No. 2 pencils (no mechanical pencils)
6. Bring a watch - Turn off watch alarm; no smartwatches with communication or recording capabilities
7. Snacks and drinks which must be packed away during testing; can be consumed in section of the room away from test materials during short, 10 minute break between 1st and 2nd test
set up a plan to secure phones at home or in locker
b. Most other electronic devices like headphones, ipods, tablets, computers, cameras
c. Bag or Backpack – not allowed; purses can be brought but stored under the desk and not accessed during testing
d. Reading material – no books, magazines or papers
e. “Smartwatches” or watches with communication or recording capabilities; this may include fitness bands with those capabilities
f. Highlighters, pens, colored pencils
Please note that if a student is seen using a cell phone or other device during testing or in the hallway, he or she will be immediately dismissed from the testing room and his or her scores will be cancelled. The cell phone or device will be immediately confiscated and will be subject to search.
Testing is scheduled to end between 1:15 and 1:30 for Juniors
A light lunch will be provided to each student at the end of testing

Best wishes to the Class of 2019 for SAT success!
PSAT Score Reports

How to Access Your PSAT/NMSQT Score Report  (2:42)


Understanding Your PSAT 8/9 Score Report (1:16)


Understanding Your PSAT/NMSQT Score Report  (2:45)


How to Link Your College Board + Khan Academy Accounts  (:47) 

PSAT Scores Online
Students are able to look up their October PSAT test results on their College Board accounts at
Login Information:
Username:  absandyourID#  (example:  abs2280999)
                                                             Password:  astros20 (Juniors)
                                                                                astros21 (Sophomores)
                                                                               Astros22! (Freshmen)

Free practice questions to give you an idea of what to expect on the ACT test.


Watch videos, get personalized help, test drive a full SAT and answer daily questions.
SAT Test Prep
All Juniors are assigned to a homeroom during which they are given time to complete SAT prep activities through Khan Academy.  See instructions above on how students can link their College Board account to Khan Academy.
Testing Summary