Alan B. Shepard High School

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Upcoming Events

Career Exploration Field Trips
September 27th, 2019 - Healthcare Career Fair/Moraine Valley Community College
October 1st, 2019 - Manufacturing Careers Day/Moraine Valley Community College
October 7th, 2019 - Fire Safety/First Responder Careers Day/Moraine Valley Community College
October 18th, 2019 - "Public Service Careers Day/Moraine Valley Community College
November 8th, 2019 - Women's Leadership Conference/Moraine Valley Community College
February 12th, 2020 - Junior Job Shadow Day
March 13th, 2020 - Trades High School Expo/Carpenter's Hall, Chicago
March 12th, 2020 - MACS(Moraine Area Career System) Job Shadow Day
*Please see Mrs. Bennett in the Counseling Office for more information and to sign up for these events. Space is limited!
*Check back often to learn about new Career Field Trip opportunities!!!
Breakfast with a Professional
Breakfast with a Professional is a program that gives students an opportunity to meet with various individuals in the working world and learn about their education and careers. If you would like to hear about the career pathways and essential workplace skills related to the guest speakers below please contact Mrs. Bennett in Counseling to sign up! Space is limited!
February 26, 2019 - Servelure Bostick - United Parcel Service (UPS)-CRCP(Chicago Regional College Program) 
February 27, 2019 - Christy Millet - Veterinary Technitian
February 27, 2019 - Maureen Meeker - Marketing Professional
March 1, 2019Nicolas Santiago - Physics Researcher/Stem Careers
March 14th, 2019 - Holly Brasher - Providence Life Services (Healthcare)/Director of Recruitment
April 5th, 2019 - Lauren Bennett - CPA / Forensic Accountant
April 5th, 2019 - Fire Safety Engineer