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Breakfast with a Professional
Breakfast with a Professional is a program that gives students an opportunity to meet with various individuals in the working world and learn about their education and careers. If you would like to hear about the career pathways and essential workplace skills related to the guest speakers below please contact Mrs. Bennett in Counseling to sign up! Space is limited!



Start your engineering degree at Moraine Valley and make a smart investment for your future. Learn how you can complete the first 2 years of your Bachelor of Science degree in engineering at Moraine Valley and transfer to a four-year institution. Our Associate of Engineering Science degree focuses on educational excellence and innovation, so you’ll be well prepared to complete your bachelor’s degree at the engineering school of your choice.


  • Save thousands of dollars in tuition and fees
  • Take the same classes you would take at a four-year school
  • Get more one-on-one attention and support from your instructors
  • Learn in high-tech labs that prepare you for upper-level engineering courses
  • Gain real-world experience in internship and research opportunities
  • Find out about our Engineering Pathways partnership with the University of Illinois’ College of Engineering