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Mrs. Tina Holba's Profile

  I am a P.E and Health teacher at Shepard High School.  I have been teaching for over 10 years and LOVE fitness, being active, and living a healthy lifestyle.  What I love even more is when I can share my passion with my students and help them enjoy the benefits of living healthy.
If you have any questions about myself, the classes that I teach (Aerobics, Dance, or Health), or grades please check Skyward for individual grades, see below for re-take/ make up policies, click on the class you need more information for, or send me an email.
PE Make Up Policy for AEROBICS and DANCE (see attached)
HEALTH-  If a student wishes to re- take his/ her Type 1 test (65% category), they must let me know which test they want to re- take, show me a completed review/ study guide and then re- take the test during ABS lunch time re- takes on Fridays.  If they do not show up to their re-take on Friday, they will not be given another opportunity to re- take that test.
Period 2 Health
Period 4 Dance
Period 6-8 Aerobics


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 PE uniforms can be bought in the Athletics Office.  You WILL need the PE shirt.  However, you may wear an ATHLETIC bottom such as yoga pants or shorts.  They must be SCHOOL appropriate.  NO JEANS or JEGGINGS are allowed!

Congratulations to Emily P.  She set a record for 10...yes 10 HRM make ups this semester.  Doing this earned her 80 extra credit point and 3 extra no dress days!  WOW!!!
🎶 Working on our fitness🎵 Period 2 using heart rate monitors and shaking it with Zumba!
Katie and Emily showing the determination it took to be the FIRST TWO HEART RATE MONITOR ALL STARS of the semester!  Congrats!
Congratulations to Katie and Emily, the first two Heart Rate Monitor All Stars!  Not only did you get 5 PE make ups (40 extra credit points) but earned a free non dress day and a very cool water bottle!

Swimming...sort of

After finishing a project, this is what some of my students were doing....almost got it!!
Are you a heart rate monitor all star??  Get 5 PE make ups using the heart rate monitors and you will become one and get one of these bad dogs!!