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We are happy to welcome you to Future Automotive Service Technicians anytime throughout the year.  This is a time for you to learn more about being a technician, working on your own vehicle or a variety of independent projects.


Google Classroom link: vfz4ugy


Club Mission:  We are here to facilitate your growth as a technician and build your hands on skills.  


Meeting Information:

Thursday September 23rd 3:30-5:30

Thursday October 7th 3:30-5:30

Thursday October 21st 3:30-5:30

Thursday November 4th 3:30-5:30

Thursday November 18th 3:30-5:30

Thursday December 2nd 3:30-5:30



Prior to working in the shop you must complete or be currently enrolled in an SP2 safety training program which if you are not already enrolled, I can set you up ahead of time if you email me at [email protected].