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Operation Snowball


What is Snowball? 

Operation Snowball is a leadership group that is focused on creating a safe, positive, and caring environment here at Shepard High School. It is a program that provides students with enriching life experiences by teaching students skills in leadership, advocacy and communication. In the fall students participate in a 2 day retreat at Camp Manitoqua, in Frankfort. Students learn a lot about themselves and peers in their experiences with small groups, general sessions, workshops, and more.  Along with being a fun, safe environment for students to be themselves and make friends, Operation Snowball also promotes making healthy life choices, and teaching our club members advocacy skills rather they are for self use or to help a friend. 

What does the club do?

Snowballers can expect to meet every 1st Thursday of each month as well as every 3rd Tuesday of each month. We host one retreat with all CHSD 218 schools each year and also help lead Red Ribbon Week during the month of October.  If you can’t make meetings because of sports or clubs, just let your directors know. To stay in good standing with the club you must attend at least one meeting a month. If you have any questions, please e-mail Jasmine Brown at .  as well as Ashunti Graves at

Want to join Operation Snowball?

 Please use this link: or code: b5vimza to access our Google Classroom for any news, meeting topics, upcoming events or for a safe space to interact or seek advice from peers. What are you waiting for? Come on we are waiting!!!