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Learn about the Shepard story. Students create the school’s yearbook publication that reflects the events and lives of people involved. They take pictures, conduct interviews, design pages, advertise/sell the yearbook, fund-raise, and work under deadlines.  More importantly, students learn real-world skills. They are encouraged to use their creativity to solve problems and put together an accurate, appealing yearbook. When the book is completed, students are able to take pride in their work and celebrate their published product!


Club Mission:
Our mission is to produce a student-led professional, original publication using pictures, poems, and quotes. Our yearbook will be a time capsule of each school year so that we can look back and reminisce about our community, students, staff and events.


"Being in Yearbook for three years, we need people who are responsible and reliable because Yearbook is not a joke. It's like a job and we have to get pages done within a certain amount of time." — Trent Dixon, Assistant Editor


Meeting Information:

Join our club through Google Classroom using code: dsvzpfv

We will meet virtually via Zoom this year Thursdays at 5 p.m. You will find our Zoom link within our Google Classroom page.


1st Semester Goals:

  • Gather photos from the previous school year
  • Talk to students and document the new normal—adjusting to COVID-19
  • Layout designs
  • Holiday Spirit Week
2020-21 Yearbook Theme: change.

Interested in joining Yearbook? Contact Ms. Woods,

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