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Course Offerings

Algebra IM Core
Applied Math Core
Biology Core
English I Core
English II Core
English III Core
Foundations of Biology
Foundations of Community Access
Foundations of Consumer Economics
Foundations of English
Foundations of Geography
Foundations of Health Education
Foundations of Literacy Workshop
Foundations of Mathematics
Foundations of Physical Science
Foundations of U.S. Government
Foundations of U.S. History
Geography Core
Geometry Core
Health Education Core
Introduction to Economics Core
Literacy Workshop I Core
Literacy Workshop II Core
Modern English Core
Occupational Essentials
On-the-Job-Training (OJT)
Physical Science Core
Pre-Algebra Core
Secondary Transitional Experience Program (STEP) Seniors
Secondary Transitional Experience Program (STEP) Juniors
U.S. History Core
U.S. Government Core