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Alan Bean Coffee Shop

Alan Bean Coffee Shop

Fueling the future, one cup at a time!

Alan Bean Coffee, is part of the work program at Alan B Shepard High School in Palos Heights. Alan Bean Coffee is a job training site for Shepard High School students with different abilities. Students have the chance to work on pre-employment skills outside of the classroom, but still inside the school building. Our coffee shop gives students the opportunity to learn about the world of work. They are able to ask for help and learn from their mistakes. By training here they gain customer service, stocking and cash register experience. But there is much, much more behind the scenes as well! Alan Bean Services workroom is where that behind the scenes magic happens. Here, students research and decide what to sell. They design and create personalized merchandise. They work on advertising and marketing. We also provide small project support to our teachers and staff. As well as, collaborate with other Shepard groups and organizations.


Who knew buying a cup of coffee could do so much?

School staff members make the best customers! 


Electronic payments available, $10 minimum:




We are open periods 2, 3, 4 and 7 on all student attendance days

Located across from the main office



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Or email us at [email protected]