Alan B. Shepard High School

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B.A. University of Illinois at Chicago, 2006
M.A. University of St. Francis, 2010
2016-2017 Classes: 
English 3
Honors English 2
Grading/Retake Policy:
65%- Common Unit Assessments
These assessments demonstrate that you have completely mastered the skills that we have been covering.  These assignments will make up 65% of total grade.  Retakes will be allowed in this category given that students follow the teacher’s plan for retaking that assignment.  This will not be done in a punitive manner but to ensure that the student improves the product from one submission to the next.  
20%- Other Assessments
These tasks are given to periodically assess skills taught in class and to check your understanding as we move toward mastery (i.e. quizzes, essays, projects, performances, etc.).
15%- Practice
These tasks serve to reinforce the skills taught through guided practice (i.e. homework, class assignments, reflective writing, etc.).
In order to retake/redo an assessment, the student must complete a relearning plan that has been developed in partnership his/her teacher.