Alan B. Shepard High School

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Hala Shalabi
Science Teacher
Science Club Sponsor
Room B121 Period 1: Biology 
Room B131 Period 2: Plan Period
Room B227 Period 3: Chemistry
Room B131 Period 4: Professional Period
Room B119 Period 5: Biology
Room B131 Period 6: Lunch
Room B119 Period 7: Anatomy
Room B119 Period 8: Biology
Test Re-take Policy: Students are able to re-take ANY type 1 (65%) assessment.  Students will have a re-learning assignment to complete in order to be eligible for the re-take.  The re-learning assignment and the re-take must be completed within two weeks of the original test date.  Students are able to re-take the test before school, after school or during their lunch period.