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Meet Profe Frausto Loom video
Education Background:
M.A. in Integrated Curriculum
M.A. in Reading
B.A. in Spanish
American College of Education
Concordia University
DePaul University
Classes taught this year:
Spanish 1
Google classroom codes:
Period 3: utnyewk
Period 5: mf5xyan
Period 8: b3qi7j2
Spanish for Native Speakers II
Google Classroom codes:
Period 2: dfoe4dp
Period 6: fzoujff
Classes taught previously:
Spanish 1
Spanish 2
Spanish Heritage I
Spanish Heritage II
Spanish Heritage III Honors
Spanish club sponsor
Retake Policy:
Students are able to turn in late work when when they are marked with an excused absence. Students are encouraged to retake assessments (both quizzes and CUAs/IPAs -Integrated Performance Assessments)
In order to retake an assessment, students should see me within 24 hours of receiving the grade on the assessment. We will then create a study plan and set a date for the retake.  
If you have any questions concerning retakes or anything else, please email me at and I will respond within 24 hours. If I do not respond within 24 hours, feel free to email me again