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Please watch this video by clicking the link above to learn more about the German Program at ABS. 
Education Background:
My first degrees were obtained from Elmhurst University. I have a B.S. in International Business and German. At the time, I had worked three years for McDonald's Corporation in Accounting and International Restaurant Development. In 1993, I moved to Germany with my husband who is from Germany. We spent three and a half years living in Germany.  In 1997, we moved back to the USA. In 2003, I went back to school to learn Spanish. In 2004, I enrolled in a Masters in German with Teaching program at UIC. I have been teaching German since 2004. I started teaching as a T.A. at UIC for two and a half years. After earning my M.A. in German with Teaching in 2006, I taught German for a year as adjunct faculty at Lewis University. After that, I was hired at Romeoville High School, where I taught German and Spanish 1 for a year and half until my current position opened up at Shepard. I attended Shepard High School myself and took four years of German. In 2008, I replaced my former teacher who retired. I enthusiastically took over the German Programs and have worked at Shepard High School ever since. 
Classes taught this year:
German 1 
German 2
German 3/AP Honors German/GER 103/104 Dual Credit with Loyola University
Spanish 1 
My 2023-2024 schedule:
1st period: A225 German 1 (Google Classroom Code: a74yx46)
2nd Period: A225 Spanish 1 (Google Classroom Code: yxbnkck)
3rd Period: A225 German 2 (Google Classroom Code: zgurtvz)
4th Period: A225 Professional Learning Period
5th Period: A225 German 1 (Google Classroom Code: 3jabwip)
6th Period: A229 Homeroom/Lunch
7th Period: A225 Plan Period
8th Period: A225 Honors German 3/AP German/GER 103/104 Dual Credit (Google Classroom Code: twtdvt6)
Club Sponsor: 
German Club 
Retake Policy:
Students are provided opportunities to make up their homework on a regular basis. Students are encouraged to retake assessments (both quizzes and CUAs/IPAs [Integrated Performance Assessments])
In order to retake an assessment, students should see me within one week of receiving the grade on the assessment. We will then create a study plan and set a date for the retake. 
If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me. [email protected] or (708) 371-1111 x3073