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Mr. Jett's Meet the Teacher Night Video!
I have taught all levels of math including:
Honors Pre-Calculus
Algebra 2
Algebra 1 Honors
Algebra 1
Algebra 1M
ACT prep classes
My Current Classes
1st Period: Honors PreCalculus (Google Classroom code: y2s6het)
2nd Period: PLP
3rd Period: Algebra 1 Honors (Google Classroom code: 4k2wfjq)
4th Period: Sophomore Advisory
5th Period: Math Lab A116
6th Period: Honors PreCalculus (Google Classroom code: jfw2nky)
7th Period: Plan
8th Period: Algebra 1 Honors (Google Classroom code: p2pc3wo)
Bachelor of Science: Mathematics Education 
Master of Education: Educational Administration
Driver's Education Certified by State of Illinois
45 other credits from various universities
Grading/Retake Policies
Grading scales, weights and categories adhere to the District 218 Grading Scale.
Grades are updated as soon as possible on Skyward, usually several times per week.
Retakes are allowed for Common Unit Assessments (65% category) where there is time for relearning and additional tutoring to occur. For the student to be eligible for such a retake, they must complete all missing work. In addition, students need to engage in re-learning by working with a teacher/tutor until skills on retake packet are mastered. Tutors are available in the Math Lab during workroom lunch, after school, and before school in room 331.  The district offers plenty of tutoring and extra help for you to succeed and do your best so please take advantage!
The Retake Form is attached.