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Mrs. Lythberg

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This is year eighteen for me as a Special Education Teacher at Shepard High School. I studied Special Education at Illinois State University, earning my Bachelor's Degree in 2006. I then earned my Type 75 Master's Degree in Educational Administration from University of St. Francis in 2009. 


2023-2024 Schedule with Google Classroom Codes:


Period 2: TOWER Art

Google Classroom code: 6provjx


Period 3: EMPOWER

Google Classroom code: qjl2yod


Period 5: POWER PE

Google Classroom code: 3yfszrm


Period 6: POWER PE

Google Classroom code: zb6hznf


Period 7: POWER PE

Google Classroom code: guxovas



Special Olympics Coordinator

Unified Champion School Coordinator 


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