Alan B. Shepard High School

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Eastern Illinois University
 B.A. in Special Education
Northeastern Illinois University
 M.ED. Special Education
1st   ACCESS Facilitator
2nd  PLAN
3rd   Pre-Algebra Core
4th   Algebra 1
5th   Lunch
6th   ACCESS Facilitator
7th   Math PDS
8th   PLP
Shepard Ambassadors
Pre-Algebra Core-Retakes are built into the curriculum. Re-teaching and retakes of assessments will be done in the classroom. 
Late work accepted.
Algebra 1-Retakes are allowed for Common Unit Assessments (65% category) where there is time for relearning and additional tutoring to occur. For the student to be eligible for such a retake, they must complete all missing work. In addition, students need to engage in re-learning by working with a teacher/tutor until skills on retake packet are mastered. Tutors are available in the COOL Place/MPR during lunch, after school, Saturday school and before school in room 313. 
Shepard High School offers many opportunities for tutoring and re-teaching. Please take advantage of the COOL place,  lunchtime tutoring in the MPR, Saturday School, and after school homework help.