Alan B. Shepard High School

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Learning Behavioral Specialist (LBS1) from Illinois State University (2005)
Masters of Library Science (2009)
Driver Education Certificate (2013)
Classes Taught: 
Driver Education Core & Team Taught
Health Core
Applied Math Core
Consumer Economics Core
Re-Take Policy: 


  • Higher grade shall prevail
  • Subject area teams will discuss the format of retakes (i.e. parallel test, subset of original test, different test construction like open-ended vs. multiple choice); however, retakes will have the same level of rigor as the original assessment and will reflect course skills and objectives
  • Departments will collaborate to plan for the development of retakes
  • Mastery Manager’s Item Bank feature will assist with the creation of multiple test forms
  • There exist multiple options for the administration of retakes (i.e. classroom, Testing Center, etc.)