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Art Club

Art Club is intended to go beyond the opportunities of the art classroom. Because art is such an individual activity, artists can be isolated. This club is designed for student artists to collaborate on projects. It is also a way for artists to critique, learn from, and encourage other artists.
There are two major levels of skill in this group. Although all students are welcome at every meeting, half of the meetings will be geared toward those new to art (Explorers). The other half of the meetings will be for students who have had a lot of experience in art (Inventors). This should make it easier for everyone to participate at their own level.
Meeting Place:  B134
Meeting Time:
Explorers: 3:30 - 4:30
  (Needing Assistance)
Inventors: 3:30 - 5:30
  (Experienced in Art)
Meeting Dates:
Aug. 27  All (Officer Elections)
Sep. 3  Inventors (Homecoming)
Sep. 17 Explorers (Beaded Bracelets)
Oct. 1 Inventors (Homecoming)
Oct. 15 Explorers (Tie Dye)
Oct. 29 Inventors (Drip Paint)
Nov. 5 Explorers (Pendants)
Nov. 19 Inventors (Mural)
Dec. 3  All (Semester Celebration)
Jan. 7 All (Dream Catchers)
Jan. 21 Explorers (Origami)
Feb. 11 Inventors (Pottery Wheel)
Feb. 25 Explorers (Mosaic)
March 3 Inventors (Mural, Pendants)
March 31 Explorers (Cartoon Drawing)
April 7 Inventors (Mural, Pendants)
April 21 Explorers (Watercolor)
May 5 All (Year-End Celebration)