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Who is Mrs. Cruz De La Pena?

Hailing from the island of Jamaica and have been living in the US for almost 20 years, I love being outdoors running and or gardening. Happily married with three adult sons and two granddaughters. We reside on the Southside of Chicago. I am a graduate of Chicago State University with a BA in Mathematics and MA in Special Education. I have been in education for over 20 years in both elementary and secondary education in rural and urban areas. Most recently I was a hybrid sped instructor for five years and before then a Gen. ed math teacher in CPS. I am very thankful and excited to start this part of the journey with the wonderful scholars and families of the Shepard Astros family and district 218. 
Mrs. Cruz Schedule
1st Period Physical Science 8:00-8:50
Google classroom code: 6uncfsd
2nd Period PLP 8:55-9:45
3rd Period Geometry 9:50-10:40
Google classroom code: zbdm6pm
4th Period Planning Period  10:45-11: 35
5th Period Applied Math 11:40-12:30
Google Classroom Code: 4diyrs5
6th Period Lunch 12:35-1:25
7th Period Geometry 1:30-2:20
Google classroom code: zbdm6pm
8th Period Applied Math 2:25-3:15 
Google Classroom Code: 4diyrs5


Applied Math

This video gives a brief overview of concepts to be investigated in Applied Math, scholar expectations, assessments, grading and teacher contact information


This video provides a brief overview of what will be studied in geometry this year, classroom expectations, grading, assignment format and contact information for the teacher.

Physical Science

This video gives a brief overview of the expectations of scholars for the course, content to be explored, how grades are awarded and teachers contact information
Stacion Cruz De La Pena
Special Education Instructor
Cell: 708-465-1512
School Phone: 708-371-1111
Ext: 3246
Fax: 708-371-7688