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Literary Magazine

Club Mission:
Art—whether it’s words or images—is life. This is what we believe. Our mission is to explore the creative minds of Shepard High school. Spectrum Literacy Magazine is a long-running student-ran publication. We reinvigorated the club last year and published a renewed magazine (Vol. 1) last school year. It is amazing, if we don't say so ourselves. We would LOVE to have you come check us out and see what we are about. We believe that our school is packed with talented writers and artists who deserve a platform to showcase that talent. Imagine being a published artist, poet, author, etc. before leaving high school! Very prestigious!

Meeting Information:

Join our club through Google Classroom using code: bk7uew5


*** We will meet in A103, every other week. Our first meeting for 1st Semester 2023 is on Wednesday, Sept. 6th at 3:30. Our other meeting dates are as follows: 

        • Weds., Sept. 20
        • Weds., Oct. 4
        • Weds., Oct. 18
        • Weds., Nov. 1
        • Weds., Nov. 15
        • Weds., Nov. 29
        • Weds., Dec. 13


2nd Semester schedule will be forthcoming and meetings will be more frequent. 



1st Semester Goals:

  • Brainstorm
  • Grow membership
  • Attract more writers and artists
  • Increase submissions
  • Make sure the school community knows that we are an outlet for the creative-minded
  • Teacher and Student Art contest
  • Fundraise
  • Begin editing, creating, and preparing our mag!


2nd Semester Goals:

  • Prepare to publish our issue
  • Select and edit the content we already have
  • Publish our reboot of Spectrum (Vol. 2)
Interested in joining Lit Mag? Contact Mrs. Sonne [email protected]