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COVID-19 Assistance Programs

Many organizations are helping people affected by COVID-19. Open this news item and enter your zip code to find local programs for food assistance, help paying bills, and other programs that serve our communities. This service is offered through the website.
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Comcast Offering Free Internet

In response to COVID-19, Comcast will offer eligible people from low-income households 60 days of free internet service. Open this news item for more information.
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Support Our Local Businesses

Please open this news item for local businesses who have donated to the Friends of District 218 Education Foundation throughout the years and pay it forward.
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Boys Bowling Tryouts Monday, November 16th

Any boys interested in trying out need to complete the Athletic Registration information on the Shepard Athletic Website with the following link: and have a current physical which must be emailed to Mr. Shama prior to tryouts. Freshman do NOT need to submit another physical. If you plan on trying out, you must contact Mr. Shama at (708) 653-0123 or
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