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2020-21 Bus Information

Community High School District 218 COVID-19 Bus Protocols and Student Expectations
Bus capacity will be limited to 50 occupants.
  • Bus riders will practice social distancing to the greatest extent possible.
  • Most Routes will have around 20-25 students.
  • Students should sit one person per seat and alternate seats when possible.
  • Siblings or members of the same household are permitted to share the same seat.
Students will be encouraged to practice social distancing at bus stops.
  • Students will receive education on maintaining social distancing at bus stops.
  • We are requesting that all students wear face masks while waiting at bus stops.
  • Parents will be encouraged to monitor their student(s) social distancing practices at bus stops.
To help reduce bus capacity, parents will be encouraged to transport their student(s) to school.

COVID 19 Self-Certification Form
  • Students must show their self-certification form electronically or paper copy to the driver before boarding the bus.
  • Students without an appropriate symptom free self-certification will not be allowed to board the bus.
Bus drivers and students will be required to wear a face mask while occupying the bus.
  • Students without a face mask will not be allowed to board a bus.
  • Any other employee assigned to assist on a bus route will also be required to wear a face mask.
  • School staff will work directly with parents of students for whom wearing a face covering may cause harm.
 Windows will be open as weather permits.
  • To increase fresh airflow during operation, bus windows will be open as weather permits.
Buses will be sanitized between bus routes to the greatest extent possible.
  • High touch areas will be sanitized between each route.
  • Buses will be fully disinfected at least twice daily between routes using a portable mist sprayer.
  • Parents are encouraged to have students sanitize hands prior to arriving at the bus stop.
If your student has unique transportation needs or you have any questions please contact the Attendance Office at 708-371-1111 ext. 3600.
Busing Concerns or Questions
Illinois School Bus Company
13939 Cicero Ave
Crestwood, IL 60445
PLEASE NOTE: To accommodate for traffic and weather, buses are allowed a 10-minute grace period before and after their scheduled pickup time. For example, for a 7:11 AM pickup time students should be at their stop by 7:01 AM and buses have until 7:21 AM to pick students up.