Alan B. Shepard High School

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I have taught in the Special Education Department of Shepard High School for 27 years.    I earned my M.Ed. in Special Education from Loyola University. I have 45 post-graduate hours in behavioral and instructional techniques.
This year I am teaching Foundations of Physical Science, Community Access, and Foundations of Consumer Economics.
Grading Policy:

The goal of my classes is to help students learn to be life long-learners,who are able to confidently self-advocate, and who have the skills they need to be successful contributing members of their communities. .  Therefore, the process of learning, rather than the final grade, is the focus.

Students' grades reflect their mastery of these skills, in accordance with the district's grading policy.

65% of final grade based on Common Assessments - What have I really learned?

20% of final grade based on Other Assessments - How am I doing so far?

15% of final grade based on practice


When students do poorly on a Common Assessments, they know this simply means they have not mastered these skills YET!  They need to study more or study differently.  Students develop study plans which they write in their planners.  This may include lunchtime, before school, or after-school re-teaching or practice sessions with the teacher.  It may also include in- class small group time with the teacher or paraprofessional to develop alternative study aides, such as electronic review games, study cards, visuals, etc. Students then have the opportunity to retake the common assessment. 

Students are always encouraged to take advantage of the accommodations listed in their IEPs.  If additional modifications are needed for individual students, those will be provided during the retakes and noted in Skyward.