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What is Naviance?
Naviance Student is the Naviance student and parent-facing platform providing a mobile accessible way for students to answer the questions that will shape their future: Who Am I? What do I want to be? How will I get there? and How Will I Succeed? The platform delivers the power of Naviance to students' fingertips with intuitive tools that personalize and simplify the college and career planning process.
When Do Shepard Students Use It?
Naviance can be used at any time!  Students and parents just click on the link above to log in with their username and password.  Forgot your log in?  Use the forgot my password feature or contact your counselor.
Naviance is also an important part of our Advisory programs.  Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors use it during their homeroom sessions throughout the school year.
Counselors use it to help students narrow down a post-secondary pathway.
NEW Help Resource for Students!
Show Me How, is now available to students! The resource helps students quickly understand how to use certain Naviance features. Show Me How appears for all students in the bottom right corner of Naviance Student. The beta experience only includes help with college planning features. Help with different features will be added in the future.
NEW Access to SAT, ACT and AP Test Prep!
Students can access these resources from Kaplan for free! (some products are free for a limited time)
Live sessions, on demand sessions, question of the day, and free practice tests with a detailed report of your strengths and weaknesses.