Alan B. Shepard High School

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Fundraisers - Supporting Our Students

Jerry Lemon Food Drive…It is that time of year again. Shepard students and staff with the help of their families are collecting cans, food, water, hygiene products, paper products, OR money! The students in our special programs classes take the money and shop for us. The Jewel in Palos Heights also collects money which we use to purchase pre-cooked meals for families, who are in need. 


Parents, please have a brief conversation with your student about the importance of helping others in our community! These meals are distributed to Shepard and district 218 families who are in need. All money collected can go to Bonnie Kay in the main office.


This food drive can only be successful if we have the participation of our Shepard families, students and staff!  Thank you for all you do - we really appreciate it and so do the families! Questions; contact or Thank you in advance for your generosity!