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Therapy Dog

Coming soon to District 218, Roger is training to help many students in our 218 community.

Mr. Dan Hennigan, a teacher at Shepard High School, is training Roger to be a therapy dog for the school district. 

What does a therapy dog provide in the school?

  • Research has shown that interactions with a therapy dog improves mood boosting oxytocin and decreases our stress hormone cortisol.
  • Decrease learning anxiety and improvements in goal areas that include reading and writing
  • Increased student attendance
  • Positive improvements towards educational outcomes and motivation towards school

What will Roger be doing in the school district? 

  • Roger will greet both students and staff and help reduce daily stress and anxiety
  • Supportive of mental health by providing assistance and comfort
  • Roger will be used to improve students' social, emotional, and cognitive functioning by building a connection.    
  • Roger will teach empathy and compassion to others.  




What is Roger up to? 
In the month of December, Roger has been experiencing new things that include going shopping at Yorktown Mall. 


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